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Helena’s Best Platform for Storytelling for 20 Years


Helena Civic Television (HCTV) is non-profit community-based public access station serving the Helena and greater Montana communities. Structured and funded as a “PEG” (Public, Educational, and Governmental) station, we place special emphasis on civic programming, which includes unedited coverage of local government proceedings, shows made in our studio, and a variety of cultural and educational programs. Our mission is to foster creativity, personal expression, civic engagement, and community dialogues through resources that enable anyone in the Helena community to be digital media content creators. Since first opening its doors, HCTV has been governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, operated by a modest staff, and supported by a growing community. Over the years, we have become a vibrant community center where people from all sectors of Helena can come together to express their opinions, share their knowledge, explore their cultures, reveal their talents, and encourage citizen participation.

HCTV believes in freedom of speech, empowerment, diversity, and encouraging public discourse that, in turn, strengthens democracy and builds community through the use of non-commercial media.

In a time of greater and greater consolidation of media outlets, HCTV remains committed to public service. We are a critical resource – a vibrant hub for everyone in the community. And as technology and tools change, HCTV keeps up with the times. As we look to the future, we aspire to broaden our impact growth, community participation, and vitality.


HCTV’s Board of Directors may have up to 11 total members, who serve three-year terms as specified in our by-laws. A nominating committee assists in recruiting new board members and makes recommendations for filling slots vacated prior to the end of a normal, three-year term.

Current Board Members
  • Dennis M. Taylor – Chair
  • Sandy Oitzinger – Vice Chair
  • Bob Person – Treasurer and Secretary
  • Sharon Haugen
  • Shannon Lewis
  • Amy Berry Strainer
  • Kirsten Faubion – Executive Director
  • Jeanie McLean-Warden – Senior Videographer/Editor
  • Dave Clarke – Technical Operations Specialist